PayStrm is dedicated to providing businesses transparent and easy to use payment solutions. Let’s grow your business together!

Solutions For Your Business

PayStrm offers a variety of payment solutions to help your business grow. Start accepting payments the way you want with In-Person, Online/e-Commerce, Mobile, and Integrated Payment Solutions tailored to your needs.

Point of Sale

Online Terminal



Online Shop

Freedom To Do Business

PayStrm provides payment services for numerous merchant types. Even if your business has been categorized as Elevated Risk, we’ll support you. 

for small businesses

Supporting small businesses is at the core of what we do.

find your fit

We process for all types of businesses. If you’ve had trouble finding a processor, that stops here.

Fast Deposits

We know cash flow is important, that’s why funds are deposited into the bank account of your choice within 1-2 business days. Optional Fast Track Funding and True Daily Funding are available as well.

Fast Track Funding

Receive your funds by 5 PM each business day.

True Daily Funding

Receive your funds within hours of your batch submission.

Tools To Keep You Ahead

Choose between a suite of tools to help manage your business.

Accounting SYNC

Integrate payments directly with your accounting platform.


Stay one step ahead with amazing analytics and reporting.

Fast funding options

It’s your money. We provide options to get it to you fast.


Provide your customers and vendors with electronic invoices.


Give your customers the ability to set it, and forget it.


Pay in-app via Google Pay and Apple Pay, directly with your phone.

Three Pricing Plans


Interchange Plus Pricing


Simple & Clear Pricing


Cost Control Pricing



$0 Set Up Fees

$0 Monthly PCI Fee¹

$0 Customer Service Fees

$0 Application Fee

$0 Deposit Fees

$0 Quarterly Fees

$0 Cancellation Fees

$0 Batch or Auth Fees

¹ All companies, regardless of transaction volume, must comply with the requirements of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (“PCI/DSS”). If Company has not validated PCI/DSS compliance within ninety (90) days of account approval, or in subsequent years on or before the anniversary date of account approval. Company will no longer be eligible for this discount and will be required to pay the full undiscounted monthly Standard PCI Program Fee of $74.99 /monthly until PayStrm and Elavon are provided with validation of PCI/DSS compliance.